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Borehole Monitoring

Boode supplies products for the inspection and monitoring of water wells:

- Water level indicators
- Borehole inspection cameras

Boode is an official retailer of PASI Geophysical instruments and Laval Underground Surveys.



PASI Water level indicator

 Type BFK – Audio & Visual Alert

  • Water level indicator with PVC round cable, four-conductors, with Kevlar core and external protection sheath (diam. 4.7 mm).
  • Graduation at 1 centimetre intervals (directly printed on the cable itself and protected by external anti-scratching transparent polyurethane
  • Probe diameter: 10 mm
  • Water level indication by both acoustic signal and LED

Available unit lengths: 

30 mt, 50 mt, 100 mt, 150 mt, 200 mt, 300 mt, 400 mt and 500 mt.

On request available:

  • BFP (flat cable) 
  • BFKT (temperature) 
  • Downhole indicator (available for all BFK models and prefixed at factory)

Product sheet: 


Pocket water level Meter

15 m - Audio & Visual Alert

  • 15 m cable: 2-core flat cable - black cm-division - Accuracy: < 1 cm
  • Probe: Stainless steel Ø 15 mm / 190 mm long
  • Drum: plastic, impact and temperature resistant
  • Power supply: 4 standard batteries 1.5V


PASI water well camera

PASI has created an innovative WELL-CAMERA that is a compact and lightweight system which is reliable, cost effective, easy to use and easy to transport for rapid on-site inspections.

  • A complete PASI well camera system is comprised of the following:
  • reel and camera head  (waterproof up to 35 bar (350 m) )
  • control unit with integrated LCD,
  • battery charger
  • USB 2.0 grabber board and microphone
  • Software and USB cable for display and recording of pictures, movies and vocal comments to any external laptop.

Product sheet: 



R-Cam 1000 XLT

Portable Borehole Camera System

The Laval R-Cam 1000 XLT downhole camera is a completely portable, self-contained video inspection system that can inspect boreholes up to 300m (1000 ft.) deep and 30.5cm (1.64 ft.) in diameter.

The R-Cam 1000 XLT is a lightweight, smaller size, professional camera and comes equipped with:

  • Dual wide angle colour camera, side and down view with 360⁰ rotation
  • Digital on screen depth counter and control box (including qwerty keyboard)
  • 9” colour LCD mounted monitor with built-in record and playback feature, the monitor comes with a 16GB internal storage or external USB storage.  
  • 18 Super Bright, Water Clear, shock proof LED down view lights
  • 32 Super Bright, Water Clear, shock proof LED side view lights
  • Powered reel with adjustable speed
  • 300m (1000 ft.) kevlar reinforced cable
  • 2 wheeled trolley for ultimate mobility
  • Portable 12v battery and charger (min 4 hour run time)
  • Camera centralizer bands


Product sheet: 


Also available:

Laval R-Cam 1000 TLE (with cable winding system)

Product sheet: