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Boode is one of the world’s leading manufacturers
of equipment for the water well drilling industry

Company Profile  

Boode is a family owned company and has been active in groundwater abstraction since 1897. Started as a water well drilling company, we progressed to become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of high quality PVC water well casing & screen systems from the late 1950’s and continue to do so today. 

From our manufacturing plant & Head Office in Holland, our subsidiary company Boode UK in England, authorised agents throughout Europe and partners strategically located in parts of the world, we provide truly global water solutions.


Why choose Boode? 

Boode works to stringent parameters and high specification standards using advanced materials and manufacturing equipment. Boode is renowned for the quality of its products, its specialist technical expertise and its range of product and service applications including water wells & groundwater hydrology, environmental, drainage & irrigation, geothermal & geotechnical.

Boode well screen and casing is the first PVC screen and casing to be approved by the UK Secretary of State under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations. Boode products are also KIWA approved, WRAS approved and ISO9001:2015 quality assured.

Boode provides:

  • High quality water well products 
  • Excellent service 
  • Unrivalled flexibility 
  • Bespoke solutions 
  • Fast on time delivery schedules

We look forward to being of service to you.