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PVC Solvent / Cleaner

Boode supplies solvent and cleaning products from SABA and Griffon. Each manufacturer has products with unique specific characteristic, which enables us to offer you a suitable product for every application.

SABA manufactures PVC solvents and cleaning products which are specifically designed for applications in industry and horticulture. With over 80 years of knowledge and experience SABA has become a word leading manufacturer over the years.

SABA PVC solvents are very suitable for pressure connections, drainage systems and Boode solvent fittings. Sabaclean products are universal PVC detergents which can be used in combination with the specific SABA PVC solvents.

Griffon provide high quality products for the sanitary and installation industry, building and infrastructure engineering. Griffon is an internationally acknowledged specialist of joining technology for piping systems in PVC and metal.




Saba PVC 2810 is a high quality THF-free hard PVC solvent and very suitable for bonding PVC pipes with a solvent connection. 

Sabaclean PVC & ABS products are universal purpose cleaning products for cleaning the materials to be bonded and removing the solvent residue.

Product sheet: SabaPVC 2810          Product sheet:: Sabaclean PVC- en ABS 



Griffon PVC cleaner for cleaning and degreasing of materials to be bonded in PVC, PVC-C and ABS. 

Griffon UNI 100 GT is a hard PVC solvent and ideal for bonding large diameters and at higher temperatures (> 35 ° C).

Product sheet: Griffon PVC cleaner          Product sheet: Griffon UNI 100 GT