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Boode – Official Agent for Johnson Screens (stainless steel)

The best drillers and most demanding customers in the world know the quality of Johnson products. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, they have been the world leader in stainless steel water well screens since 1904.

The industry standard for well screens around the world

The development of the continuous-slot profile wire technology by Johnson in the early 1930s revolutionized the industry, and quickly became the industry standard for well screens around the world.

Today, operators continue to drill deeper & into more challenging formations & this revolutionary technology is being continuously advanced and improved upon, providing the best well screens for municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural, domestic and environmental applications.



Along with the acclaimed V-Wire™ Rodbased Screens Johnson’s provide the following:

  • JSL / ZSM connection Riser Pipes
  • Muni-Pak™ Pre-packed Screens
  • Pipe Based Screens
  • Punch & Bridge Slotted Screens
  • Surface treatments
  • Extensive technical support

All Johnson products can be constructed out of 304, 304L, 316L and 904L stainless steel. Other corrosion-resistant alloys are available upon request.

Brochure: see product sheet

Johnson screens can be installed with Boode PVC well casing