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Boresaver: Well Rehabilitation Treatment

Boresaver is an approved range of specialist treatments for water supply systems contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide and calcium carbonate deposits.

Boresaver treatments  can completely remove the deposits that build up and cause blockages in wells, pipes, pumps and any other water related equipment. Developed to achieve maximum flow capacity, the Boresaver range also improves water supply quality and extends the working life of pumping equipment and associated plant.

Safe and easy to use; Boresaver treatments are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They can be used without dismantling equipment and will not attack or deteriorate any materials inside the system.

Boresaver treatments are approved for use in potable water supplies. Our technical department can give you comprehensive advice on both the rehabilitation and maintenance of water supply systems and how to use the Boresaver treatments.

Boresaver information

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Boresaver – brochure
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Boresaver applications

Problem: Productassortiment: Applications: 
Iron oxide 
Iron bacteria 
Manganese oxide 
Calcium carbonate deposits

Boresaver Ultra C 
Boresaver Ultra C Pro 
Boresaver IKL Pro 
Boresaver Liquid Enhancer

Water Supply Wells 
Geothermal Pipelines 
Quarrying Mining 
Leachate pumping