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Bentonite Sealing Pellets

Bentonite sealing pellets are a natural high-swelling clay material in compressed, shaped pellets for sealing and plugging.

Bentonite sealing pellets create a stable, permanent, low permeability seal in water wells, monitor/observation wells, dewatering holes, soil sampling holes, mineral exploration holes and abandoned boreholes.

Boode supplies bentonite products from Mikolit and Cebo. Each manufacturer has products with its own specific characteristics and enables us to offer a suitable product for every application.


Product: Description Product sheet
Mikolit 00 Low swelling capacity
Mikolit 300 Medium swell capacity
Mikolit B High swelling capacity


Product: Description Product sheet
Cebogel QSL Low swelling capacity
Cebogel QSM Medium swell capacity
Cebogel QSE High swelling capacity

* Other CEBO products also available: Drill grout and Thermo grout.